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The Steadicam Segway is a dolly without tracks—wherever you want, whenever you want—instantly available to create anything from a subtle perspective change to a dramatic traveling shot. The Steadiseg modification replaces the conventional Segway handlebars with a control-stick module between the knees, freeing the rider's arms to operate camera stabilization systems. The addition of the hard-mount assembly eliminates carrying strain, permitting bulky camera setups (IMAX, 3D rigs, etc.), to be flown for extended periods without fatigue. The Steadiseg is intuitive to ride, and entirely fluid in its movement, allowing dynamic and complex moves to be executed with precision. Stability at all speeds is excellent: ramping effortlessly from a slow interior architectural track to a fast outdoor chase scene, it offers rapid set-ups and delivers stunning results.



Flying Philippe Bordelais' 3D Rig on the Handsfree Transporter



Prepping 2 Arri Alexas on the 3D Pace rig for Martin Scorsese's Hugo






view test shot


test shot: behind the scenes





Nono, the Zigzag Kid (chase scenes shot with Steadiseg)



Nono, the Zigzag Kid: behind the scenes



Film 1 Commercial: behind the scenes


Discovery Channel : Is it Possible?


Is it Possible? behind the scenes


Congrats to Ulik, Reinhardt, and Chris for the present state of the Handsfree Hardmount. That brilliant little 'Strandbeest' clip on the beach totally validates its indispensable usefulness for Steadicam. All inventions seem to take their own time finding a market, but this one's time has come! This video needs to be seen by every operator.

Steadicam Inventor, Garrett Brown




Galgorm Resort & Spa Commercial


Steadicam Segway Rushes