Basic kit packs into three 23kg/50lb airline-standard cases
Director's monitor, remote focus, and other accessories—one extra case
Cart—one extra case
Steadiseg cannot fly—ground or sea freight only
Steadiseg conversion kit can fly—one extra case

Modified Steadicam Archer 2 SE Steadicam Sled with 16kg/35lb camera payload
Steadicam Volt Horizon Assist
Steadicam Padded Docking Bracket
Transvideo Cinemonitor HD Evolution SBL2k Monitor
Steadicam G50x Arm
Steadicam Fawcett Exovest
Steadicam Standard Docking Bracket
Century Stand
Moses Pole

Heden Ymer 1 Remote Focus Tx
Heden VLC 1+1LW Remote Focus Rx
Heden Focus Motor

Transvideo Starlite RF HD Director's Monitor/Rx Video Link
Transvideo Titan HD2 Tx Video Link

Transvideo Rainbow SD Director's Monitor/Rx Video Link
Transvideo Titan Tx Video Link
Transvideo Titan Rx Video Link

Steadiseg x2 Turf
Steadiseg Hard-Mount Syatem
Walter Klassen Vehicle Mount
Steadiseg i2 Indoor Wheel Set
Steadiseg Safety Fenders

Inovativ Scout 31 Cart
IDX V-Mount Accessory Battery System
Bright Tangerine Misfit Matte Box
Motorola 2-Way Comms + Headsets
Steadicam Assorted Bracketry + Posts
Mitchell Mount
Manfroto Hard Mount
Walter Klassen GoreLink Hook
Wind Shield
+ the usual accessories