Chris Fawcett
email or call +316 2391 8492



I’m an Irish Steadicam operator with decades of broadcast and film experience. In the early 90s, I trained with the BBC in Belfast on the Newsnight current affairs program. By 2000, I was shooting travel and mountaineering documentaries, and in 2004 a passion for camera movement led me to Steadicam, in which I now specialise. I’ve shot everywhere from -40C at 7,000m to +40C in the Amazon rainforest, and love a challenge.

When not filming, I work worldwide as a Steadicam instructor, and lecture on the aesthetics of camera movement. I’m also the inventor of the Exovest, an ergonomic exoskeletal support harness used in Steadicam (and by Boeing); co-inventor (with Ulrich Kahlert) of the Steadiseg, a Segway modified for Steadicam use; and co-founder of Exokinetics (with Garrett Brown), manufacturers of the Zeen—a device to aid people with walking difficulties.

You’ll find me based in Europe, shuttling between Belfast and Amsterdam, but I work worldwide. I’m a native English speaker with fluent Spanish, good Dutch, workable French, and convincing Desperanto.

I donate up to one month of my working year to charitable and artistic projects—contact me for details.